Exodus Youth


Let’s raise school spirit, build team cooperation, and inspire students to live life to the fullest.

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Hear Me Out

“Hear Me Out” exists to provide Regina’s youth with quality 1 on 1 relationship that will impact them for life.

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Where does your money go?

Donations all go to Regina Youth For Christ to sustain and grow our ministry. Approximately 60% of our budget comes in through partnerships with government and community organizations while the other 40% comes in through donations in various ways. Each of our staff has the goal to raise 40% or more of their salary for the sustainability of Regina Youth For Christ. Your financial partnership is key to the growth of our ministry.

Through your involvement we can make a difference in thousands of young lives each year.


Monthly Partnership
Name of YFC Staff to Support and/or Event

One-Time Gifts: For our Missionary staff or the RYFC mission in general.

We have many options for your convenience.

  • Donate Using a credit card. This button will take you to our PayPal account. At the end of the process, in the comments section, please designate your donation to the missionary of your choice or to our general account.


Direct Giving through cheque or Automatic Withdrawal

  • Send a cheque or money order payable to
    Regina Youth For Christ®
    2025 Lorne Street
    Regina SK S4P 2M4
  • Please mail cheques to our office along with a Partnership-Card. Please fill in the pledge form completely, so the donation can be processed properly.
  • “Automatic Withdrawl” allows us to process your monthly donation directly from your bank account. This will save you writing and mailing cheques every month. Please enclose a blank cheque marked “VOID” when choosing this option.
  • Post dated cheques are also accepted. You can send in cheques for up to one year accordingly.


Receipts are issued, by our office, once a year. The tax receipt is a valid tax deduction on your personal tax return. Thank you for your support of the RYFC ministry.