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Hear Me Out

“Hear Me Out” exists to provide Regina’s youth with quality 1 on 1 relationship that will impact them for life.

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To Be Continued

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Courtney mountainsMany stories wrap up nice and clean with a Happily Ever After.

The stories of our youth are real and we know that they continue on after the programs and connections that we have. We work to stay in touch with kids where possible.

A picture of that happened this past weekend. Courtney works with our Exodus program and a couple of her youth moved to Calgary a few months ago. This past weekend she and some of our other leaders took a little trip out to Calgary and Banff. While on this trip they met up with these kids, got an update of what is new in life and connected them with a church and youth pastor in Calgary!

What will happen next? We are not totally sure but we work to stay in touch with this story that is To Be Continued…

Author: Byron Toth